How to Install PAC Manager on Arch Linux

There is a lot of tutorials to install PAC Manager on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or OpenSuse, but for Arch Linux, I spend more time to seeking a better one which had a newest PAC version, and no one fit my own.  So, I decide to write this.

PAC Manager is very helpful for me to support my job instead Secure CRT or putty as my networking tools. And I use Arch Linux on my machine, so let’s check this out :

First, you need is to clone PAC from AUR repository to your directory:
$ git clone

And prepare to install a list of dependencies from the AUR repo like : perl-gnome2-gconf, perl-gnome2-vte, perl-expect, perl-crypt-rijndael, perl-gtk2-ex-simple-list, perl-io-stty, perl-net-arp, perl-gtk2-unique, and uuid from Or you will get an error when tries to force install like this :

Create one directory like “misdep” (missing dependecies) to install all of them :
$ mkdir misdep && cd misdep

Then, just do repeat the simple makepkg not war” commands for all of missing dependencies package that I told before, I will try with perl-gnome2-gconf first :
$ git clone
$ cd perl-gnome2-gconf
$ makepkg -s
$ sudo pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz

After that, all packages must be complete to install PAC. Then back to pacmanager-git again :
$ cd ../..
$ makepkg -s
$ sudo pacman -U pacmanager-git-

Yep, That’s it 🙂